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Created as part of the 2014 Youth Arts Day (co-directed by Jori and hosted at Brown University’s Granoff Arts Center), TALK TO ME ABOUT THE FUTURE was a collaboration between Jori and four teens from Providence youth arts programs. The teens created an interview protocol and held conversations at public gatherings and at youth arts programs around the city, asking interviewees questions about the future of Providence. Their work resulted the below publication, which was exhibited and distributed at the Granoff Center in November 2014.


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Gather (2013)

As part of a Community MusicWorks / Community Works RI partnership project, Jori worked with students to photograph the “Wedding Cake House,” an old mansion on Broadway on the West Side of Providence. Students then listened to and studied the score of Beethoven’s Opus 59 No. 1, music Community MusicWorks teachers would be performing inside of the house. The students created visual representations of elements of the score they found interesting and layered those visuals over their photographs of the house.

200 copies were printed at the AS220 Printshop, hand-bound by students and local artists volunteering their assistance, and distributed at the performances at the Wedding Cake House April 25-27, 2013.

Gather was honored by a RISD Museum-juried AS220 Members Print Competition as runner-up for grand prize print competition in 2014.





Providence Youth Arts Collaborative (2010)


In 2010 Jori was hired by the Providence Youth Arts Collaborative (PYAC) to work with 9 young people from 5 different youth arts organizations. Together they produced a city-wide ”youth arts day” on the theme of “Roots & Rituals.”

View / purchase a book she created about the process.



RISD Project Open Door (2008-2009)


Jori was a teaching artist and documentarian in a portfolio development class at RISD’s Project Open Door during the 2008-2009 school year. Her documentation work resulted in a solo exhibition at RISD.

View / purchase a book she created about the process.

She also produced several videos in collaboration with Project Open Door students, including http://vimeo.com/6910993http://vimeo.com/6626002, and http://vimeo.com/11245704 (modeled on the “RISD Profiles” series such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7kmOo3qgbo).



Imagining Art + Social Change (2007-2008)


In 2008, Jori produced Imagining Art + Social Change, a national conference in Providence, RI, presented by the Providence Youth Arts Collaborative organizations (at the time, Community MusicWorksNew Urban ArtsAS220 YouthProvidence CityArts for YouthEverett Company Stage & School, and the Providence Black Repertory Company). Conference speakers included leaders in the field of arts education including Maxine Greene, Dennie Palmer Wolf, Shirley Brice Heath, Robbie McCauly, Sebastian Ruth, Tyler Denmead, Bert Crenca, and Nick Rabkin. She designed a post-conference book featuring excepts from transcripts of conference talks and sessions, artists’ notes, photographs, and other ephemera.

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