RISD OneRoom

I’m honored to have been invited to curate a week of programming at the RISD Museum as part of the Locally Made show.  Come by the museum at noon any day this week (Tuesday through Sunday) to experience  Inside Voices:

“Set down what you carry. Lower your voice, raise your attention. Join these artists, selected for their practice as world-makers, as they take you on sensory excursions inside their environments. Gentle and sure, grounded and experimental, curious and complicated – each day will bring new experiences of gravity and wonder.”


Tuesday – Sianna Plavin and Fay Strongin
Wednesday – Marguerite Keyes
Thursday – Peter Bussigel
Friday – Sakiko Mori and Laura Cetilia
Saturday – Lists (David Penn and Neil Jackson)
Sunday – Geoff Mullen

About Locally Made: http://risdmuseum.org/notes/locally_made

About One Room: http://risdmuseum.org/pages/oneroom

Calendar of One Room events: http://risdmuseum.org/calendar/2013/07/?filter=locally_made_one_room

UPDATE: View images from “Inside Voices” here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joritakemypicture/sets/72157635666557213/